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A copyright is a type of intellectual property protection for authors of original works. A copyright allows the author an exclusive right for example to reproduce the work, prepare derivative works, distribute copies, transfer ownership, perform and display the work.
Works that cane protected are for example literary, musical, dramatic, pictorial, sculptural or architectural works. Literary work includes computer software. Databases may be protectable as compilations. Let Dodds & Associates help you defining whether your work is copyrightable.
Copyright arises automatically from the creation of the work. Therefore, registration of the copyright is not necessary, but one cannot bring a lawsuit to enforce the copyright before registering copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office. Even if the registration can be done at any time, damages can be collected only from the date of the registration onward. Because of this a timely registration is advisable. Dodds & Associates can help you in registering your copyright.
Copyright owner has a right to transfer the copyright to anyone. Usually this is done by licensing the copyright either exclusively or non-exclusively. Dodds & Associates can also help you in negotiating copyright license, as well as in drafting the licensing agreement. We can also help you determining whether you would need a license to use someone else’s work.
Determining the ownership of a copyright if extremely important in some cases. If a copyrighted work is a joint work or work for hire the “author” of the work might not own the rights of the work. In such cases Dodds & Associates can help you determining who owns the work and who has a right to license or use it.
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